Super Speed UP – Virtuozzo with Debian 6 and ImageMagick

We currently had major speed problems with ImageMagick and Debian OS 6 templates of Virtuozzo. The strange thing was that the speed was over factor 1000 slower than on Debian 5 OS templates. We also had this issues with GraphicsMagick on this Containers. The solution is to downgrade ImageMagick to Debian 5 (Lenny) and keep […]

Debian 6 (Squeeze) Parallels Virtuozzo Template Problem

Nachdem nun das OS Template von Debian 6 (Squeeze) für Parallels Virtuozzo erschienen ist, haben wir das gleich mal getestet. Leider kommt es zu den in OpenVZ bekannten Problemen mit den Start-Up Scripts (init.d). Es gibt Probleme bei den Scripts „vzquota“ und „vzreboot“.